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Real estate market of Sardinia


Properties for sale and to rent in Sardinia.

Good news is …

In Sardinia it’s really possible to buy properties with any budget, whether for investment (income-generating property, land, building land with approved projects or not) or simply as a second or third residence .

Similarly, those who want to rent a property (house, villa, apartment, etc.) for their holidays will have no difficulty in finding the property that meets their criteria, suiting all budgets.
The housing market is here quite stable and, despite the global economic crisis, has not undergone major fluctuations - prices in some areas have slightly flexed, but they have generally remained stable, providing excellent economic returns to those who buy and rent a residence to tourists during summer.

The real estate market varies in relation to the island’s geography  – hence, here’s some information on that.

Sardinia is a large underpopulated island with wide spaces: 1.650.000 inhabitants (as a comparison, Sicily, only slightly larger, has more than 5.050.000 inhabitants). About 270 km long and 145 km wide, its coastline is about 1900 km. This, however, doesn’t mean that it’s possible to build everywhere: in fact, there are laws to protect the environment and regulate development, although certainly there is no shortage of profitable opportunities…

To summarize, we would divide the island as follows:

  1.          North coast: Alghero to Olbia  
  2.      South coast from Cagliari towards east and west 
  3.          West coast: Bosa to Sant’Antioco
  4.          East coast: Olbia to Costa Rei


North coast: Alghero to Olbia.

Here, Italian and international tourism has been established for over 50 years, with all kinds of facilities and infrastructures. Capo Caccia, the Asinara Marine Park, the Paradise Coast, the ‘red gold’ coral seabed in the Alghero region, and vast beaches characterized by strands of white, golden and red sand (Isola Rossa area) until you get to the Emerald Coast, known throughout the world for its beauty and the presence of international VIPs.

The choice is wide: with €40,000-50,000 you can buy a large detached house in villages or countryside (well connected with roads to the international airports of Fertilia and Olbia) and spend €30,000 more for a possible restructuring; or, with €80-85K you can buy a new two-bedroom apartment near the sea and with €150,000 a three-bedroom house on the coast, or a semi-detached house.

If you want to buy on the Costa Smeralda, destination of celebrities, international jet set and businessmen from around the world, and a seaport with large luxury yachts (in Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and surrounding areas) prices increase very much. For example, a one-bedroom apartment costs €300,000-400,000 , and a villa is a minimum of €1.000.000. But, if you move only a few kilometers away, prices almost half down although you can enjoy the same astonishing sea (Budoni, Palau, Santa Teresa di Gallura, etc.).

Rents vary depending on the type of property, the period (July and August high season, May, June, September and October low season) and the options of proximity to the sea, panoramic views and swimming pools, ranging from €250 to 1500 per week, excluding the Emerald Coast, where instead rent prices start from € 2000 up to 25000 per week.


South coast from Cagliari towards east and west.  

Italian tourism has been established here for decades whilst the international one is younger but present since the '80s.
From Cagliari, enchanting capital of the island, with its long beach (the ‘Poetto’, 8 km,unbroken) you can go hiking on both sides of the south coast. The east coast from Cagliari to Villasimius with its Marine Park is characterized by small beautiful beaches with white and golden sand, transparency of the water and charmingly scenic sites, while the western section Cagliari-Chia, Cape Teulada, Tuaredda, is less built-up, beaches are large and most (eg Chia) of them stunning.
House prices vary and a three-bedroom house in Cagliari is at least €200,000, whilst in areas very close to Cagliari prices drop considerably. Along the east coast from Cagliari to Villasimius, you can buy a detached house starting from €250,000, or a 3-bedroom one on the cost with € 150,000. If, however, if you move a few kilometers away, you can buy a house in the nearby countryside or even in neighboring villages with only €70,000, still enjoying the same sea. Prices are slightly higher in the area of Villasimius.
Rents here, too, vary according to the type of property, season and various options, such as swimming pool, gardens, home automation etc, between €300 to 1500-2000 per week.


West coast: Bosa to Sant’Antioco.

Here tourism is more recent, the area is less built-up, there are both wide beaches (eg Costa Verde near Oristano), long beaches with white sand dunes - among the highest in Europe (Porto Pino), and also small and beautiful beaches (eg: the ‘Sugar Loaf’ and the stacks of ‘Planusartu’).

The property market here still offers lower prices than in the northern and southern coast and you can, at the moment, save on real estate purchases. A house in the country can vary from €25,000 to 70,000. A three-bedroom one in the towns of Oristano and Iglesias ranges within €65000-120000; a detached house by the sea, with garden, varies from €150,000 to 600000-700000. Rents obviously vary depending on the type of property, its proximity to sea or panoramic views, and on the basis of low-medium-high season, and are from €250 to 1200-1400 per week.


East coast: Olbia to Costa Rei.

This is the area where tourism is most recent and, differently from the other three above mentioned zones, is also the ideal destination for winter tourism due to its countryside or mountainous environment (eg.Gorroppu Canyon, Nuragic village of Tiscali, skiing in Fonni, spectacular caves and much more). Beaches are varied, of all kinds and sizes. Very famous is the Gulf of Orosei, offering its visitors a unique spectacle characterized by high limestone cliffs, caves that go deep down into the earth and along the sea coasts of wild beauty and vegetation. Jokingly, is considered the wildest area of Sardinia but, in reality, as in other areas of the island, there are environmental friendly tourist facilities of all kinds. The beach of Cala Luna (the ‘Moon’s Cove’), to name just one, is well known for its transparent and incredibly colorful sea, of blue, green, turquois hues, and the wild, almost untouched natural environment. As are the bays of Goloritzè, Cala Sisine, etc....
Although the property market is growing, it’s still possible to save money in some areas where it is still possible to buy a detached house with €70000-150000 or to spend much less depending on the area. A detached house by the sea varies from €180,000 to 450,000 . Rents are from €200 to 1200 per week depending on location and on whether the season is low, medium or high.


  1. In Sardinia, one will always find either beaches equipped with all facilities, or other, pristine, untouched beaches, still easily reachable by car.
  2. The sea is beautiful everywhere, and there is really no area in particular to advise
  3. Perhaps the less popular areas are more suitable for family holidays, but not always tourists know and choose them

The above is only a summary of the property market.

But the solutions for those looking for a holiday home are very many. Also, this is the right place to buy properties and, if you rent them out, prospects are very good. Even those who want to buy just for themselves and their family will find very attractive prices and we have the right solution for investors who wish to build here their own home or are in search of land, building areas and hotels for investment or development.

Again, we only gave you a summary, and not all properties are shown on our web-site.

Please, send us an e-mail if you wish to see all options.

For any explanation, clarification and information please do not hesitate to contact us.
We thank all those who have spent some of their time to read this news and wish you happy holidays in Sardinia.

Cagliari, 10 May 2014.


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